Athlete of the Week: Christian Foxworth

This week’s Athlete of the Week is Christian Foxworth! Chrstian is a sophomore on the Spartan’s varsity golf team.

His coach, David Hunn, says, “Even though Christian is just a sophomore, his leadership and lead by example attitude is exactly what one would want to see in any Spartan athlete.” Christian is always a hard worker especially when it comes to improving his game, Hunn says, “Christian works hard to improve his game both with the physical and swing mechanics as well as the course management and mental aspect of the game… Having only been playing for a few years, Christian has come a long way, paving the way for Spartan Golf presence in our League as well as State.”

But Christian’s ethics and morals show to the team and spectators when he practices or competes in a tournament. His coach brags, “He embraces all players regardless of ability level or grade. His high morals and ethics exudes to the whole team…Others watch his work ethic and recognize what it takes to be a State competitor.”

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