April 19-23: Bryant Root

This week’s Athlete of the Week is Bryant Root! Bryant is a junior on the Berthoud Spartans varsity soccer team. He has been playing soccer since preschool and competitive soccer since elementary school. Bryant’s coach Zac Traver brags that Bryant shows how to play the game to his teammates and he is a great leader. Traver says, “Bryant leads by example. He shows how to play the game correctly, and he is patient and polite even in the face of adversity. Off the field, he is one of our captains and he does a good job of keeping the team in line and getting them ready to go for games and practice.”

Anyone would be lucky to have Bryant as a teammate, he looks out for his teammates and he helps them improve however he can. His coach says, “He always looks out for his teammates and helps those around him get better by talking to them and giving out ideas on how to improve. He also listens to the coaches well and gives feedback on how to improve drills during practice.” After playing the sport for so long Bryant explains, “For me soccer is more than just a game. I feel that I played it and been around the game so long that it's become part of my identity. To simply put it, it has created me into the person I am today.”

Playing a certain sport for so long can start to become stressful and not as fun, but all it takes is a good mindset and someone who can relax when it comes time to play.” My mentality during practices and games is very relaxed and just in the moment I would say. I find that the more that I'm just enjoying playing soccer and fully immersed in the present the better I do. Compared to when I am constantly overthinking and trying to force things.”

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