April 12-15: Holly Jaros

This Week’s Athlete of the Week is Holly Jaros! Holly is a sophomore on the Berthoud Spartans varsity volleyball team. She has been playing volleyball since she was seven years old. She is one of the few athletes who make a varsity team their freshman year and get to be a starter.

Holly’s coach, Emilio Santos brags about Holly’s team-first attitude and dedication to the game when he said, “Holly brings a positive team first attitude, it is in her nature as she always wants the best for her teammates in every situation. She will always place the team's needs before her own.” He also said, “Holly is very dedicated to her craft by spending countless hours of practice during the off season.”

Holly is a smart and hard working player taking feedback openly. “I listen to my coaches and I value their feedback. I work extra hard on the court to show I can apply their advice to gameplay.” Holly also says, “ I would describe myself as being easily approachable and supportive to all of my teammates. With my position (being a setter), it’s important that I communicate with everyone and make my teammates feel comfortable to give me feedback. I make sure that there is trust between me and everyone else on the court so we can all play our best game.”

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