Another Year, More Chickens

MacKenzie Harris // BHS Maroon Tribune // Berthoud, CO // 2.14.2020

Berthoud’s Agriculture classes are going to be raising Poultry again is this year this spring. The Agriculture classes have been hatching chicks so long, that some would even call it a tradition. Raising livestock teaches FFA as well as non-FFA students patience, responsibly & time management, which are important skills to have in everyday life.

“We raise chickens every year,” said Lyndee Lum, the Agriculture teacher at Berthoud High School.

This year, fertilized eggs will be provided by Arika Beard, who has been raising chickens for many years. The idea of raising something other than chickens was tossed around but finding fertilized eggs of another species for a low price & local, proved to be challenging.

“I think we should raise an Ostrich,” said Dalton Williams, a student in the advanced animal class.

The problems with trying to raise an Ostrich is the price of the fertilized eggs are more expensive than regular chicken eggs, the incubator that the Ag classroom has can’t house eggs of great size, like Ostrich eggs, & the closest fertilized eggs are in New Mexico.

Currently, the Advanced Animal class is making informational posters about the different aspects of raising chicks. These posters will be hung around the outside of the Ag classroom so that other students around the school can also learn about chickens.

To learn more about hatching chicks, click the link:

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