Acting Techniques Presents Drama O' Stilton

Berthoud highschool’s acting techniques class is performing a play for their final project. The play is called “Drama O’ Stilton”, based on the children’s book Geronimo Stilton. The play will take place May 11th at 6:00 at Berthoud High School’s auditorium.

This year, as the class was deciding what they wanted to do, one of the students, Brett Kness, found the children’s book Geronimo Stilton. He said, “We found a children's book in the script box. It was a joke at first but then the more we thought about it the more interesting it sounded.”

The play is about this troubled marriage between Geronimo and Petunia. Their marriage counselor sends them on a vacation to the tropical paradise of “Catcun” thinking nothing could go wrong. Seemingly everything does as they meet a group of Russian spies that try to break up their marriage and kidnap Geronimo. However, through the power of love they defeat the Russian spies and save their marriage.

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