Accusations involving David Dobrik

What happened with David Dobrik? Dobrik is a Youtube star who posts vlogs that are known for their fast- paced comedy. Fans describe his videos as a mix between reality tv, improv, and situational comedy. David Dobrik and his Youtube friend group are known as the Vlog Squad. An accusation was made against a former member of the Vlog Squad, Dominykas Zeglaitis. The woman who made the accusation chooses to use the pseudonym “Hannah”.

In 2018 she was in a controversial Vlog Squad video. The video was taken down by David Dobrik after she asked him to delete it; however, it had received more than 5 million views before it was deleted. Because of this accusation Dobrik has lost several brands, some being DoorDash, Dollar Shave Club and Bumble. It has also caused him to step down from the board of an app he co founded called Dispo.

Hannah disputes Dobrik’s account of the video. Hannah, a sophomore at a private liberal-arts school in Los Angeles at the time, went with 6 of her friends to go shoot a video with David Dobrik. She didn’t know who he was at the time, but she knew that her friends watched his videos and she wanted an adventurous night. She couldn't have predicted what would happen that evening, she said, and that the events have left her with trauma.

Many other former vlog squad members have spoken about this on youtube, twitter, instagram etc. but Wittek and Paytas are the only ones who have talked about it that were there the night of the assault.

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