$600 Stolen from BHS Teacher

Updated: Feb 6

Aspen Stalnacker // BHS Maroon Tribune // Berthoud, CO // 1.3.20

A bank bag containing nearly $600 was stolen from Mr. Sommerfeld’s lab on Thursday, January 30. 

Mr. Sommerfeld had reason to believe that the perpetrator was a student based on when the crime was commited. The event occurred approximately between the beginning of school (8:30 A.M.) and 11:00 A.M. 

Mr. Sommerfeld is the industrial science and technology teacher at BHS. His students are required to give him money for the wood and supplies that the students utilize for the construction class. He was given between $500 and $600 to buy wood for his construction classes. 

Without the money, Mr. Sommerfeld is unable to buy materials for the construction class, leaving him and his classes distraught by the incident.

The money is normally placed in a tan Guarantee Bank bag, which has Mr. Sommerfeld's contact information on the front as well as on the inside of the bag on a slip of paper.

Currently, Officer Mosley is getting involved with the situation and reviewing the security tapes to try and narrow down the suspects. 

Since the incident, Mr. Sommerfeld has installed motion-activated cameras as well as keeping his office locked when he is not in the room. He assures that an incident like this "will not happen ever again."

"If a student fesses up with the money, and reveals that they did it, the incident will be done with, no questions asked," Sommerfeld states. 

If a student does not come forward, they will risk being charged with a felony and even suspension from the school. 

Contact School Resource Officer (SRO) Mosley or Rob Sommerfeld with any information you may have on the incident. 

SRO Mosley (Phone): 970 613-7792 (Email): vincent.mosley@thompsonschools.org

Robert Sommerfeld (Email): robert.sommerfeld@thompsonschools.org

Updates to follow...

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