The "Great" Love Debate Part One
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The "Great" Love Debate Part Two
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Alone with the mic what will Becca do? Well lucky for her she brought along some friends to figure out some questions on relationships and well it turned into quite the debate so come give a listen and answer these questions yourself and don't forget to comment your answers on our recent Instagram post @bhsmaroontribune! And if you have a Great Love for this one go listen to the rest of it on The "Great" Love Part Two which is already uploaded:)

Questionable Advice
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Listen in on Becca and Stella ask super random questions and have a good laugh on a happy Friday afternoon! And while you are at it, answer the questions too! Comment your questions on the Berthoud Maroon Tribune Instagram page!

Valentine's Day Conspiracy
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After Valentine's Day
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The Corona Outbreak Pt.1
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The Corona Outbreak Pt.2
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For this two-part episode, we will be talking about the current biggest thing on the news: The Corona Virus. We will be going over our views about what's going on and some things it has affected thus far.

Episode Two
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Episode One
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